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supercharge your immune system

Premium Organic Superfoods

BLAST contains all the necessary probiotics, prebiotics and vitamins to heal your gut.

One Scoop. All the Goodness.

Make good health and increased immunity a priority by optimizing and supporting the beneficial bacteria in your gut with daily probiotics and antioxidants. Our range of Daily Powders contain all the necessary ingredients to Supercharge your Immune system, Improve Gut Health and keep your body protected against Dreaded Disease.


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The Power of Stress Management & healing

Key Ingredients

The ingredients that make our brand stand out

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What makes us different?

superior quality probiotics, prebiotics, fibre & superfoods

LactoSpore® Spore based Probiotics

Probiotics are one of the best supplements as a way of improving one's health. Lactospore® is a clinically proven, spore-based probiotic that normalises bowel function, aids in digestion, beneficially stimulates the immune system, and helps re-seed the gut microbiota.

DigeZyme® Digestive Enzymes

DigeZyme® A Versatile Multi-enzyme Complex,  that improves the state of your digestive health and assists with poor nutrient absorption, weight issues, nausea, bloating, constipation, stomach pain, diarrhoea, acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome to name a few. 

Fibregum™ Soluble Prebiotic Fibre

 Fibregum™ is an all-natural, GMO-free source of soluble dietary fibre, obtained from carefully selected acacia gum sap exuded from the stems and branches of acacia trees. Fibregum™ offers a guaranteed minimum of 90% soluble fibre on a dry weight basis.

Organic Red & Green Superfood Blends

Our range of Daily Reds & Greens contain certified organic superfoods. Each ingredient carefully considered for it's health benefits and gut healing properties to ensure a holistic solution to your health and wellness. One scoop of Daily Greens & Reds is all you need.


Where it all began...

BLAST vitality is a personal journey of co-founder Wayne Collin to educate and create a lifestyle that moves people as far away from dreaded disease as possible. Having lost a sister at a very young age to cancer he took it upon himself to research and understand what causes dreaded diseases that harm so many. 

Making the lifestyle changes and spending many hours of learning and listening to ongoing research, BLAST is Wayne’s proactive approach to keeping Cancer causing elements away from our cells and has lead to the development of this amazing BLAST Daily range of supplements with every ingredient considered with your health in mind.

‘’It’s our passion to help others and provide them products that keep dreaded disease at bay. We have one precious life to enjoy, make sure we all do by adapting to the BLAST way of life.’’

Wayne Collin - Founder


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