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Bruce Nel

Excellent products...
Reds and Greens.
My facial skin soften in the first week.
Skin cancer is fading.
To be blatantly honest. Best bowel movements and texture ever.
Place my second order still tonight.
Thanks Blast Team.

BLAST Daily Combo
Jurelize Van Biljon
Love my daily greens!

We love the fact that we can get our daily greens and all the important nutrients in one tasty drink! I have also been a lot more regular and I feel good! It mixes well with a smoothie or protein shake, although I would like it to be more solubilized when mixed only with water in a glass.

BLAST Performance Combo
Mellissa Du Plessis

Great service, quick delivery. awesome products. use it daily and feel the difference..

Very impressed

I bought the Daily Combo plus out of utter desperation. I experienced a sudden severe flare up of IBS, after years of being able to eat pretty much what I wanted. Nothing I tried gave me any relief. after seeing numerous ads for Blast products on social media, claiming to improve gut health, I decided to give it a go. And I am so grateful that I did! it works like a bomb- relieving my constipation, bloatedness and terrible pain and discomfort. The cherry on top is that I lost 3kg with the lean plan, and still going strong!

BLAST Daily Combo
Jameel Allawoodeen
Morning Must Have

Been on the daily combo for about 3 months now, and quite simply, I can’t go without it. The energy levels I have now is significantly more than before

BLAST Focus Fuel+
Sassen Deoraj

Your daily greens

BLAST Daily Combo
Jacqui Buthelezi
Best Buy ever!!

Love my greens and reds…enjoy taking them together in smoothies and muesli..🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 my gut is much happier, less sugar cravings, no bloating or tummy discomfort. Best decision I made to start the new year on a healthier note🙌🏾🙌🏾

BLAST Daily Combo
Glenn Curtis

Cheaper refills would be great. I don't need the tubs, just the good stuff that goes in. Thanks

BLAST Daily Greens
Elzabie Oosthuizen

Great tasting greens

BLAST Daily Combo
Dominique Van Schalkwyk
Great product

I had heartburn almost everyday. After using this product within 2 weeks, no more heartburn. Don’t feel as bloated.
Thank you! Great product

BLAST Glow Combo
Nontobeko Zulu
Combo review

I am seeing the glow, face is becoming brighter however the bloat is still there but I’m certain my system is just taking a bit longer to adjust to it.

BLAST Ultimate Combo
Ezé van Tonder
Daily greens

I started using this product just before festive season. Struggling with IBS, I thought I must try this to give my gut the extra help needed to manage through the festive, sometimes indulging, period. It did just that. It kept me regular with minimum bloat and not that intense sluggish feeling after a "big" day.

BLAST Daily Combo
Diana Straw
It's a Blast!

Loving the Daily Greens and Daily Reds... Am feeling so much more energized since I started drinking it and look forward to it every morning... Di

BLAST Focus Fuel+
Ian Bamber
Focus Fuel+ a must

When it’s 28 degrees at 7am, and humid, Focus Fuel really helps us through those last few km’s. We won’t do long runs without it.

BLAST Daily Combo
James Rowson
The Best Way to Level Up Your Day!

The Blast Vitality Greens and Reds have made an insane difference toy regular wellbeing - more energy, recover from exercise faster and generally feel stronger and more alert in my day to day life. Seriously suggest everyone give this a go - can chuck away your multivitamin and stick with this as your daily regimen

BLAST Daily Reds
Nosihle Mevana
Glowing skin and Great Health

i love the taste and it tastes great. I am no longer exhausted and i can be consistent at the gym. My skin is glowing. I haven't been sick.

Daily greens

So far I have been taking daily, I will say am feeling healthier no more bloating, am hoping it will also help while on my periods to manage to bloating

BLAST Daily Combo
Chantal Kröhnert

Loved the taste. No more bloating, more energy and a happy tummy. Definitely ordering my second batch.

BLAST Daily Greens
Cleo Chetty

Love it.Gives me energy the entire day.
I sleep like a baby.


Your product has brought joy, confidence and vitality back to my daily grind. Post pandemic reoccuring covid gut issues stripped me of my training, my daily joy and gut health. Daily prtien and daily greens is now my wake up go to and man am i feeling so much responsiveness adds to this equation of care and service, thanyou and God bless.

BLAST Daily Greens
Kelli Banfield
Love this product!

Love the Blast daily Greens! I have definitely seen an improvement in my skin, and my IBS is so much better. It also gives me that extra energy for workouts!

BLAST Daily Combo
Annette Buys

BLAST Daily Combo

Blast is fantastic

Since using blast products Protein / Red / Green & collagen I am feeling fantastic. No more bloating
My sleep has improved and I feel energized throughout the day

BLAST Daily Combo
Angelo Kehayas
Improves regularity

I am combining reds and greens daily and have seen an improvement in the regularity of stool and improved gut health. Easy to use and tasty at the same time

BLAST Daily Greens
Lindokuhle Tshongwe
Simple the best

I’ve had issues with my skin for as long as I can remember. It got worse when I got pregnant. I bought the glow combo immediately after giving birth. I started seeing a difference in my energy in a few weeks, more energy, more glow and more confidence 🙂. I bought for my who’s also struggled with skin issues her whole life and my sister. I’m so excited for them to start seeing results